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Long since I’ve been interested in the blog, it’s time to come back. The weather is beautiful in the containment.

To revive the business as much republish the beautiful realization of the western customer relationship show that invited me before the confinement. It’s a lesson I’ve already given, but this is framed intelligently and I have nothing to do with it.

Thanks to my friends at Amarc who allowed this production. It’s about KPI, management control and a more anthropological perspective. The ritual of numbers.

When a user enters a search query in a search engine, the search engine sorts the results in a specific order.

Search engines want to show the best and most relavanted, so they use a number of factors to sort (Google uses more than 255 sorting factors). Algorithms can be affected by positive or negative links that point to a website. Get best white label marketing tools.

If links come from trusted pages, they can help the website rank higher. Of course, we can also reduce the ranking of our website with connections from websites of poor quality.

Certain links even penalise search engines by sorting the website into a tenth or higher page. You don’t want that, so don’t buy backlinks that are advertised in some places for ridiculously low prices.

To understand how to use backlinks correctly, you need to know what Google thinks about these links. All types of links that were created with the intention of manipulating their algorithm are unnatural.

Many unnatural connections will ultimately lead to punishment. This means that you should not buy, sell, exchange or request links in order to increase the ranking.